JAKIM Sahkan Mentega Golden Churn HALAL

PETALING JAYA: Golden Churn canned butter has been verified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) as complying with Malaysian halal standards.

Ballantyne Foods Pty Ltd thanked Jakim as well as the Johor and Sarawak Religious Departments for the successful verification inspection of the Ballantyne Foods Pty Ltd New Zealand factory.

“The inspection confirmed that the Golden Churn canned butter complies with Malaysian halal standards as per the halal certificate issued by the NZ Islamic Processed Food Management, a body approved by Jakim,” it said.

It said the Golden Churn canned butter was now available in the halal section of all Malaysian food retail outlets.

“The Ballantyne Company has always, and will always, highly respect our social responsibility to Muslim consumers worldwide. As such, the halal certification for our Golden Churn canned butter is a non-negotiable priority.”

Last August, Ballantyne Foods Pty regional general manager Hemmat Nasrallah said it was recalling canned butter worth approximately RM5mil from the Malaysian market due to possible porcine contamination of the butter produced in New Zealand.

The company said it would seek the authorities’ cooperation to get its halal certification back.

The loss of halal certification mostly affected the Sarawak layered cake (kek lapis) industry as Golden Churn Butter was a key ingredient in many recipes.

The industry reported an 80% drop in sales from last August to January.

P/S: JAKIM akan siarkan kenyataan media dalam masa terdekat.


  1. emm tengah tunggu jakim bagi kenyataan ni..

  2. Jadi sun,blh guna la?risau plak.tp tringin.hehee

  3. @Azien Wasli

    aok yen..boleh..tapi ya la, jakim sik padah apa2 gik...tapi kedai2 sitok da kuarkan balit da mentega ya..so, aku fikir da bole da ya..